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These are the "Declarations made before God", and the foundational beliefs of;
The Church of the Only Begotten Son (pg. 1)

We declare: 

Above ALL, we are sovereign Men and Women of Earth born on the soil of America, or of our Nation of Origin of/in Birth.

We also declare:

We are the un-incorporated "We the People" so named in the Preamble of the Constitution For the United States of America; made equal to everyone alive, who ever has lived or ever will live, made free that we may know joy, by the creator of all, the God of Abraham, Isac and Jacob; God the Father, God Almighty; the Great I AM.

We further declare:

We are not "inhabitants" or "residents" of any municipal corporation and that we are not bound by or subject to any municipal corporrate statutes or rules of law, nor are we in any way involved in the creation or execution of, or can be subject to any legalese latch, word witchary tool of deception or adhesion contracts ment to deminish our personal standing, abridge our personality to any corporate label, or diminish our legal or factual standing or status, as informed consent for such, which was never given and never can be given as it is a one sided contract which comes from the inspiration of the father of all lies.

  • As true followers of Jesus Christ we stand to expose fraud and reveal truth which allows all men to live free and equal wherever it may be supressed.

  • We accept and believe that Jesus Christ is our lord, brother and savior, the light the life and the way. That only through him can one come to the father. John 14:6

  • We acknowledge, accept and believe that there is but one way to happiness, all other ways are wickedness and wickedness never was happiness. Alma:41

  • Jesus Christ did NOT die for our sins, but rather the sacrifice made of his life was done so to give us the opportunity/right to stand judgement for our own actions on judgement day; "before the judgement seat of God". Romans 14:10-12

  • Historically, Jesus Christ died exposing the fraud of the Sadducees and Pharisees, the fraud of usury and the use of war to cover their abominable actions; much like the CORPORATE STATE churches standing as accomplice to fraud by not exposing the simple definitions for the words of diminishing capacity used to enslave the American Man and Woman.

  • We acknowledge that A Buddha is one who has attained Bodhi; and by Bodhi is meant wisdom, an ideal state of intellectual and ethical perfection which can be achieved by man through purely human means. The term “The Buddha” literally means “The Enlightened One, a knower” and as such we acknowledge Jesus Christ as The Highest Bodhi, THE Buddha, The Enlightened One above all others and that one must attain Bodhi in order to even begin to follow Christ’s teachings or understand how to truly apply the concepts to one’s life.

  • We believe that when one applies physics and physical science, medical science, psychology and quantum physics, the physical existence of God and the biblical story is completely explained if not proven.

  • We acknowledge and agree with the 13 articles of faith from the LDS religion.

  • We believe that the Man/Woman family unit is the foundation of what God intended for humanity.

  • Through self-exploration and the attaining of inner peace by each individual, eternal marriage is possible.

  • We do not condone or believe in divorce, only in the real solution to any problem that exists or arises with the help of the Ward Guide or ward whenever individual efforts are not being effective. This being said we do not believe that any couple should stay together just to stay married.

  • We believe that all mankind is here to be effective in their personal and professional endeavors, that each man is his own boss regardless of where he chooses to gain employment, and as such must gain certification in business, project and labor management provided by the church.

  • We believe in engaging in non-profit based commerce so that we can more effectively fundraise to provide essential goods and services for those in need and to provide business and job training for members in need of opportunity. 1 Timothy 6:17, Proverbs 21:5, Mathew 25:14-30, Genesis 41:34-36, James 4:13-15, Ecclesiastes 11:2

  • We do not condone usury on any level. We accept usury to be defined as: any monetary increase on an investment or interest paid on a loan, required to be paid or repaid ONLY in cash or money.

  • We believe that the protection and exercise of the substantiative and inalienable rights of every man and woman, that the right to travel uninhibited, delayed or detained is a foundational and sacred religious right allowing freedom and liberty at its most foundational level. 

  • We acknowledge and accept that should any individual "drive for/in commerce", that they at that time give up their right to travel, to be governed by the commercial code, statutes and administrative actions of those who govern the commercial realm.

Our Declairation and Beliefs Pg1: About Us
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