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These are the foundational beliefs of The Church of the Only Begotten Son (pg.2)

  • We acknowledge that God has made ALL good things that come of the earth for the use and benefit of man, to please the eye and gladden the soul, to be used with judgment, not to excess and neither by extortion as stated in Doctrine & Covenants section 59, v 17-24

  • We accept that God has condoned us, the men and women who follow THIS religion, to befriend and consent to ONLY the republican form of government that allows for the sovereign status to be enjoyed by all who choose to exercise their status, and the pre-1871 Constitution for The United States of America, and specifically the parts that uphold rights and privileges of freedom for ALL mankind. D&C 98V. 4-10 because of this we believe that all members have the right to access legal advice under any circumstances and legal defense in the form of a co-hybrid defense against any false allegation or illegal action taken by law enforcement or elected official of any level.**

  • While we will always support the veterans after their service, we do not condone or allow any of our members to enter the military service or serve in an active duty capacity. D&C 98 v. 16

  • Members are only allowed to enter the legal profession or law enforcement through the organization(s) that the church has established with the express purpose of defending life liberty and freedom by exposing the crimes of the oath-breakers on the force and seeking out and bringing to justice ALL breaches of peace or civil rights violations.

  • All members have a civil and patriotic duty to record and expose all illegal actions to The Ward Guide regardless of who is committing them. This is based on the law being stated in its simplest form as: no breach of peace, no breach of property, no breach of personal space without consent.

  • We support the militias and defense of life liberty and freedom of all American men and women from all enemies both foreign and domestic, including the sworn servants who act in breach of their oath.

  • We read and seek knowledge from the scriptures of all world religions. This gives the opportunity to understand other philosophies and use this information to further support and understand Christ’s message and how to apply that standard of excellence to our lives today.

  • We believe in the use of sacred holy herbs and substances by sacrament (modeled after the eucharist removed from modern day christianity) in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of one’s personal humanitarian life purpose, mental, health, physical health, and a greater understanding of what it means to be an eternal being in order to encourage a closer, more complete relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • We belive there is no one prophet or holy spokesperson, only a Ward Guide to the conversations that are had at all church services. We do not believe that any one man is “called” to be in a position of hierarchy; only Christ and God hold that place as all men are created equal with God given inalienable rights by God protected by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

  • All members are encouraged to seek their own prophetic experiences and holy eternal revelations, not to just rely upon the experiences of others and ancient scripture. 

  • We believe any person who is worthy can and will receive visions, revelations, gifts and preminitions according to Gods will.

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