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What are  Ethnobotanicals?  What is a "Free Church"? 

Why not incorporate under the government? 

Are donations made to "Free Churches" tax deductible? 

Why start a Free Ethnobotanical Christian Church in 2018?

come join our educational groups, learn and over-stand your substantiative, inalienable rights

  • Ethnobotanicals is a term that we use for all the herbs and plants that we consume to achieve health benefits, energy, and vigor; to strengthen our body systems and enhance our mood and cognition. (D&C Section 59 verse 17-24

  • A "Free Church" is a church that is formed and protected under the 1st 5th and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, with no contract of incorporation under the authority of the STATE. 

  • The 501c3 contract legally removes God as the head of the church and allows the Governor of the state to control what is said by the "incorporated entity" referred to as "a church" (if it can still be called a church) now a fraudulent scripture reading group, controlled by the state, in the name of "PUBLIC SAFETY".

  • Yes, All churches are not for profit non-entities FREE from ANY STATE influence or control until they sign the "blood doctrine" contract giving the state authority over what was freely Gods to guide. 

  • If the "church" is the salt of the earth and the believers are the "salt" of the church and the fact that this church is 1 of 4 Free Churches in America that we know of, we have been shown no other option but to form an established religion and church, founded in Christ's true example of standing for truth, exposing the governmental corruption and fraud, striving for liberty justice, integrity, prosperity, abundance and sustainability starting with interpersonal communication.

  • When every CORPORATE CHURCH twists God's word, to numb the hearts and minds of Gods flock, lulling them into a false sense of security and correct moral and standing while supporting the ghoulish abominations they sustain as holy men.

  1. The adversary, the father of all lies, has legally, through fraudulent deceit and abominable trickery, gained the willing consent of all churches on earth, to remove God as the head of the church and in doing so, has turned Gods mouthpiece(s) into the corporate abomination(s) you attend and see groveling before the master. ​

  2. This was done by creating the non-profit entity incorporation contract. Coercing and deceptively enticing them to incorporate under a non-profit incorporation contract; a 501c3, 501a8 or ANY other contract of incorporation as a non-profit entity. Renouncing God the entity hails allegiance to CEASAR, collaring the CORPORATE CHURCH to the abomination of usury. 

  3. The contract silences the sources of truth, binding and gaging them to the abominable fraud by consent, legally removing God as the head of the holy organization and in his holy place, The GOVERNOR of the STATE CORPORATION now fraudulently, contractually sits and censors the STATE SANCTIONED and APPROVED Scripture Study groups, mockingly called  STATE/CORPORATE CHURCHES, ensuring that Truth, and God can never be heard. ​

  4. In this manner do the makers of the secret combinations keep their corporate abomination fraudulently hidden from you, the general public, the masses, in the name of "PUBLIC SAFETY" controlled by the STATE CORPORATION for the good of the CORPORATE INHABITANTS (members of the corporate municipality). The now abominable fraud in the name of God, known as the CORPORATE CHURCH, the [INCORPORATED] non-profit Whore of Babylon; stands before you the civilian resident inhabitants of the corporate municipality governed by the CORPORATE STATUTES as "THE STATE" A.K.A. "CEASAR", the wreched putrescent, CORPORATE/STATE "Mc Church" if you will.

  5. This unlawful taxation and fraudulent deminishing of all private property of, and the free, unincorporated "We the People" refered to in the Preamble, Sovereign American Men and Women; to reduce us,in lawful, legal status to the roll of RESIDENT IINHABITANT of the Corporate Municipality by deceit, trickery and fraud, through unlawful legalese latches and satanic word-witching by the merchants of God and Law.

When these are the facts, we see and saw no other alternative but to start THIS church, proclaiming the fullness of the gospel of Christ, exposing the corporate fraud enslaving America by manufactured consent.

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