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The Science behind the religion:

According to physics:

All physical matter is energetic particles slowed down and held in their physical state by an electromagnetic bond, either ionic or covalent. The energy type that makes up all electromagnetic bonds is the same type but of a different intensity as the spirit, the difference between a living and a dead body. It is also stated that dark matter is physical matter as we know it that does not reflect light due to the vibrational frequency of the molecular matrix. Dark energy is the light energy that exists in that dimension, however we call that dark because we call this light although based on frequency, that is bright and this is dim and it is all light.

Therfore we state that: Heaven physically exists in the Dark Matter dimension.

According to Quantum Physics:

We have taken a picture of a quantum particle simultaneously existing in 2 places at the same time. For a particle to maintain physical cohesion or position in space/time, it must be being observed by a physical, conscious and sentient being.

Therefore we state the following:

The only example we have of this level of being is man himself. As part of the creation man cannot be THE CREATING observer of the creation, only an objective observer of the parts we are able to perceive. It is stated that we are made in the image of God, therefore in order for our physical universe to exist as it does, we must be being observed by a or by many physical conscious and sentient beings physically existing in a dark matter reality.

According to medical science:

All cells reproduce exactly and that stress (caused by environmental, physical or emotional) is the only thing that causes the cell to break down or reproduce in a state of distress or disharmony. Approximately 90% of the stress that the human being experiences in life is emotional.

Therefore we state the following:

This body was created with the express purposes of being a physical inter-dimensional traveling vessel required to physically exist in Heaven where Christ took his body after his resurrection by his ascension, where we will all live physically after Christ’s return and the resurrection occurs. Evolution is a disproven theory as far as we are concerned and that what is mistakenly labeled as evolution is just mutations within species parameters. We come to these conclusions by the facts brought to light by the work of Dr. Behe, Microbiologist Robert Burr and the fact that there has never been a confirmed “missing Link” fossil found for ANY species. Darwin stated that “If the cell structure is different than I theorize, then all my theories on evolution are wrong.” The cellular structure is indeed vastly different than Darwin theorized, and the fact that there were 10,000 different types of FINCHES, not one of which turned into another species of bird or into a lizard or fish or any other type of species.

According to psychology:

One cannot feel for another one does not feel for oneself. By understanding the logical and emotional reasons behind an action one can decide whether or not to continue making that action.

Therefore we state the following: One must love oneself unconditionally in order to truly follow Gods commandments and one must become the Bodhi as described by the teachings of Buddhism, to even begin to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. (Love thy neighbor as thy self, treat others how you wish to be treated and the rest) To end an addiction or change any behavior one deems to be negative, one must only follow the 4 step program to understand these reasons and make the decisions. Everything happens overnight, over which night is up to the individual.

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