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The Church of the Only Begotten Son

Is a leading spiritual center for the global Christian community, offering a scientific explaination to foundationalize and solidify in the believer's mind, the knowledge that God is real, alive today and loves us all unconditionally.

Many of us have been seeking meaningful relationships, true friendships, the understanding and self awareness required to soften and open our hearts, and a path to truly connect with and understand who God is. We have created that safe space here in the sacred locations established by the church in the name of God, in S. W. Colorado. 

Since 12/12/2018, we have joyously welcomed members of the 4 corners area and the global Christian community to join us in song, ceremonial service, and prayer.

Come, join us.

Experience an Original, historically accurate, Christian ceremony as Christ instructed.

With Christ as our inspiration and example; we strive to live as examples of love, integrity, honor and justice.

In these modern times of injustice, tyranny and opression in America and around the world, we are building a community of integrity, prosperity, abundance and sustainability,

based on personal and community foundations of acceptance, apprerciation and interpersonal communication.

As true foloowers of Christ, we seek to expose and eliminate all fraud that hinders or inhibits personal liberty, wherever it may be, that ALL may know joy.

Could YOUR current church be part of the corporate fraud enslaving America, bound by the "501c3 non-profit incorporation contract" created by then Sen. LBJ in 1954; to fraudulently remove God as the head of the chruch(s); to censor and bind all entities who sign to Ceasar a.k.a the STATE under the guise of "Public Safety"? 

Ask your church clergy, and while you're here, click on the Establishing Questions button below to understand more.

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   Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Purpose, Our Calling

 Expose Fraud, Live Integrity

 Love Thy Neighbor As Thy Self, Love God Above All Else

Do What Is Right, Let The Consequence Follow;

This Above All: To Thine Own Self Be True. 

Our mission at The Church of the Only Begotten Son is to establish a community of individuals striving to be their own best friends so they can be true friends to others, based on joy, prosperity, abundance and sustainability starting with interpersonal communication.

  • We strive to be compassionate, kind and supportive to all eliminating fraud from their heart(s) mind(s) and lives.                                      

  • By living integrity, honor, liberty, consciously standing for justice with a goal of elimination of self destructive behavior(s) from our          lives, to be able stand with Jesus in exposing fraud and striving to do all we do out of love, first for ourselves, then for God most, then to everyone else alive, in that order, starting with our immediate circle.​

  • Through the gospel of truth, honor, integrity and responsible use of etheobotanicals, Original Christian Religious Ceremonial Service,    charitable fellowship and fundraising missions, projects and events, we bring God closer to our hearts and closer to the hearts of those around us.

  • As a fellowship of true followers of the original teachings of Jesus Christ, we have the honor of standing for justice, exposing fraud and seeking to return the plain and simple things removed from the gospel of the lamb. As we  seek and strive to be true friends to ourselves and each other on all levels we strive to be true friends with Christ and God, for "In as much as ye have done it unto the least of my children ye have done it unto me". 

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Fundraising Products & Projects for Comunity Building and Enhancement

By providing Community Building projects and top quality, life enhancing products, we become a foundational pilar in the local and national Christian community.

We seek and strive at all times to provide new and useful products to enhance the lives of the individual members of our local community (some invented and produced by the Ministry of Research).

All commerce the church engages in is in a non-profit copacity, protected under the 1st amendment, and pays no personal salary to the Bishop or Caretaker of the Church.

The Church raises funds to help the advancement of civilian technology in local, national and international non-profit commerce by providing products to positively impact the life of the individual on a daily basis.

Home: Headliner

The Church of the Only Begotten Son is proud to announce the New Horizons life skills training & trade certification program!

Presiding over the church
Right Reverend Bishop
L. Dax Sant

Through dedication, education, philanthropic endeavors, commercial partnerships, fundraising events and your charity, we can make a difference that will change lives forever.

The Church Media Network!!
T.V & Radio broadcasts, podcasts and more coming soon!

Home: News & Updates

Due to an unusually high number of hate crimes against the Church & its clergy under color of law, Mostly all public services will be postponed.  Although scripture study is still held by appointment only and if you require help we are still here. Life consulting & coaching services are still very much available to the public and we encourage the community to reach out and see what we can accomplish when we work together.

Come get to know God with us and
cannabis scripture study with open forum religious discussions and workshops.

Sunday services: Temporarily postponed

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If you find yourself going through hell.  Keep going!

Winston Churchill

One of the greatest atrocities in the United States is committed when public servants use the shield of law to commit treasonous acts against the very people they swore an oath to serve and protect.


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About our Church

Committed to your individual spiritual enlightenment and connection with Jesus by helping to expose the fraud at all levels, personal, social and spiritual.

The Church of the Only Begotten Son is a Free Entheobotanical Original Christian church. As a Free Church, we have no 501c(3) contract of incorporation. As such an organization We have been legally recognized and acknowledged by the I.R.S. and by the filler of the position of SECRETARY OF STATE of the corporate entity known as COLORADO STATE as a non profit religious organization with no 501c3 contract in place. are federrally protected under the 1st 5th and 14th amendment. We have been acknowledged and granted the Lakota-Rose Bud Tribe blessing and are in process of being inducted into the council of the 6 nations religiousu blessings blessing "as long as the waters flow and the trees grow" to practice the entheo ceremonies, by Joy Graves (ONAC) of Kautantowit's Mecautea (KM). one of the leading churches in the four corners area and the only church founded on Original Christian Principals, ceremonies and teachings. We are dedicated to serving the spiritual, educational, and cultural needs of the surrounding community. Our Church is deeply rooted in education, entheobotanical services & sacraments, community enhancement programs and global humanitarian efforts.  Our doors are always open to anyone who is looking for a safe place to build their own relationship with Christ.

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Church Land Line #: (970) 562-8888

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